The Dreams of Fire


The Dreams of Fire is the second novel in The Toll of Valor series. Russ ‘Duke’ Marlin is now a scarred veteran serving on Watanka Fire Department. Duke begins this next epic adventure after a horrendous loss. Julie Goodin, Duke’s fiancée, broke his heart but not as one would expect. A family of firefighters, Duty – Honor – Valor – Loyalty is the Marlin tradition, and those words transformed a boy into a heroic man. Even if Julie is no longer Duke’s girl, Deward Banksiana still has a fetish and a pentagram tattoo, and his eye is on the new girl in town. In charge of a crew of courageous firefighters, Duke advances in rank. That comes with a price. Somebody has to pay, and the cost is devastating. However, someone can heal his wounds… if only Duke knew the truth. It’s complicated yet so simple, all he has to do is look beyond the obvious. The carnage keeps pounding Duke, and the girl that he falls in love with is no help, or is she. One thing for sure, God never gives up. Then on the night of her wedding day, Julie lies in the arms of her fairy-tale love, or is it just another dream…

The Dreams of Fire
by Lyle Markey

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