Tales of “Grandpa,” an Indian Cowboy


Tales of “Grandpa,” an Indian Cowboy is a collection of true stories which happened over a 50-year period at and around Cold Spring Creek Ranch. The stories are told from the perspective of a child. Though all of the events are actually true, some of the details may have changed as the stories were told and retold. Book one, Country Cowboy, is an introduction to Grandpa and contains stories of the crazy and unbelievable mishaps on the ranch, including encounters with predators (lions and bears). You will be intrigued as you follow the unbelievable adventures of Grandpa and his family. You will find the stories surprising and hilarious as Grandpa rescues a horse from the well, gathers cows dumped in Walsenburg, and battles lions and bears who came to feast on the goat smorgasbord at the ranch. So, come and feast on the unbelievable stories of Grandpa. The second book features stories by kids and grandkids as well as Grandpa’s Indian crafts. The third book features memories of Grandpa’s beloved animals and all of Grandpa’s talents. Stay tuned for future books!

Tales of “Grandpa,” an Indian Cowboy
by Jody Elwell Griffin

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