No More Games


More than 14,000 women and girls are being trafficked in the United States each year. They’re not always shipped in from different countries; a majority are from the United States. They are picked up by men who prey on women insecure with themselves, struggling to pay their bills in college, or are single mothers. The list goes on with the way these men convince women to sell their bodies in the streets or in the strip clubs of America. In No More Games, author Sariah Lanae Hastings shares her story as a survivor of human trafficking. In this memoir, she tells how at eighteen she officially became a prostitute. For twenty years, she was trapped in “The Game,” being beaten and raped by men. Hastings narrates how God intervened, showed his grace, and helped her leave the sex trafficking life. No More Games chronicles Hastings’ fight for freedom and how she now helps other women find a way out. She wants others to know there is hope, and they can be saved and freed from bondage.

No More Games 
by Sariah Lanae Hastings

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