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Sauce Lovers Gift Set | 8 Gourmet Seasonings


Craft Gourmet Sauces or Simply Season To Perfection


This complete 8 pack of artisanal seasonings is everything you need to make your favorite sauces and condiments, exactly to your liking, and without all the artificial flavors, MSG, corn syrup, and fillers in most sauces or seasoning mixes.


Whip up 4 types of ranch by simply mixing with sour cream, Greek yogurt, or crema, or create magic marinades by simply whisking one of these gourmet spice blends with a bit of extra virgin olive oil.


Each and every one of these unique seasonings is crafted in small batches from super-premium, sustainably sourced ingredients, carefully blended in small batches, and hand-packed in unique magnetic tins that stick to most metal surfaces, from fridges to ovens to BBQs.


While perfect for creating decadent, custom sauces, the all natural flavors of these spice blends brings out the best in proteins, starches, and veggies. Try using as a marinade for roasted chicken, dust over veggies before roasting, or simply sprinkling over popcorn, twice bakes potatoes, or french fries.   

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