Messiah Coming of Age


Long-awaited return. The truth might burn some ears. Only hoping to save souls from the great blaze. Shedding light on centuries-old lies told. Confirming all that is righteous. Be awakened by the content of the knowledge share on these pages: 11, 13, 19. Within the confinement of these covers, but not limited to, is a warning and confirmation of the truth. It is a sign of the last days in Islam and the second coming of Christ in Christianity. In this time, the innocent will be redeemed. This short but directed, real, enlightening, inspiring expression of love inspired by divine guidance. What’s more loving than to know the truth which will save you and direct thee towards Allah’s forgiveness and mercy. There are also proclamations within the coming pages. Guiding towards the way of truth shedding light to light the way. Sometimes we tend to learn things quicker when they have a rhythm. Not without praying for Allah’s guidance and protection from corruption, I present some true knowledge in poem form with some commentary explaining some passages. A wide range of subject matter is covered from the sole worship of the one God, Allah, to the corruption of people in these false positions of power. To shedding light on a centuries’ old lie that has mislead countless souls towards the displeasure of Allah. You will also be enlightened on the revelation of my rebirth. The very existence of my mother, father and me, Isa BinMaryam. This is a call. Refer to the holy Qur’an for more in-depth insight and guidance from Allah. In support, refer to Hadith’s of the Rasoolah (S.A.W.).

Messiah Coming of Age
by Wilbert Johnson Jr.

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