God’s Masterpiece (Woman)


This book is an introduction to the subject of God’s Masterpiece, woman. Everything you do in life is a choice, you chose to purchase and read this book. Now you have two choices: to read or not to read, but it’s your choice to make. I chose to write this book to please God and woman because being deserving is to share and it is not a state you reach, it’s a choice you seek. Being proud of who and what you are is not only a goal, it is a choice. It’s my choice to have a voice in the world, (for me) and (about her).

You might ask the question, “why are all your writings about women or girls?” That’s a good question. Look around and think about the question you have asked. The first thought that should have come to your mind is “woman.” If not it’s your choice.

Yes, I think very highly of women. In my opinion, without women what else do we have? Women can bring another woman or a man into this world; something to think about. Godlike right?

God could have taken anything to create the apple of his eye but he chose her. That’s why she is His Masterpiece of Creation. If you want something to change your life, this book will wake you up and make you think.

Lord, my prayer remains the same, “Please, show me things for what they really are, that I might not be deceived and dishonor you.”

Russell gives his impression of “who is a woman?” …

“God took the brightness of the stars, the undulations of shapes of the universe, the entwinement of the galaxy, the density of the clouds and the firmness of roses and the velvet and softness of a horse nose, the smell of flowers, the lightness of dew and the glance of the dawn, the heat of the sun’s rays and tears of the mist, in the clouds, the gracefulness of the peacock and the softness of the throaty voice of the mockingbird, the scream in the strength of the eagle, the hardness of the petrified diamond, the sweet taste of nectar, the warmth of the sun and the chill of glaciers, and the beauty that is allegorically described in all combined…I give you (Woman)!”

God’s Masterpiece

By Richard Dexter Russell

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