From Shot to Shout


Being a street-smart rebel, Eddie Ramirez has seen and experienced what most of us have only seen in action-packed movies.

His parents left everything behind when they fled Cuba, starting over in Florida. But eventually they divorced, and Ramirez rarely saw his father.

His mother started working two jobs to pay the bills – and he began to see very little of her, too. There were no more family vacations, camping, or fishing. He found a way to do things he loved by doing them with friends … with no rules or guidance.

In this book, he looks back at growing up and what led him to make the bad decisions that would lead him to addiction and to death’s gate. Fortunately, everything changed when he heard the unfamiliar voice of someone who would change his life forever.

Whether you are battling addiction, trying to transform your marriage, seeking to be a better parent, or trying to find meaning in a life that seems hopeless, you will be inspired by Ramirez’s journey of salvation through Christ.

From Shot to Shout 
by Eddie Ramirez

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