Deluxe Baking Sugars (Set of 8)



This 8-piece Deluxe Baking Sugars Collection of Gustus Vitae natural gourmet cane sugars is all you need to unleash your master baker. These delicious, all-natural sugars can be used in place of sugar in all your special desserts to bake in the flavor at the earliest stages of cooking. Includes one tin each of Caramel Creme Brulee (2.4 oz), Raspberry Chocolate (2.4 oz), Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon (2.5 oz), Vanilla Bean (2.5 oz), Zesty Orange (2 oz), Snickerdoodle (2.5 oz), Apple Pie (2.3 oz) and California Strawberry (2.1 oz) cane sugars.

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