Cast Concrete Table – DIGITAL PRODUCT


If you want a concrete tabletop that’s elegant enough for any indoor setting and tough enough to withstand outdoor weather, you’ve found it. Give yourself half a day to build the form and pour the concrete and an hour to build the table base. A few days after casting the top, you’ll spend a couple of hours removing the form, chipping the edges and applying a sealer.

Concrete has endless possibilities. Most of us think of concrete as a practical material, but it’s also one of the most versatile decorative materials around and is perfect for a concrete outdoor table. It can take on just about any color or shape. And surface treatment options are endless. You can cast “fossil” imprints using leaves, ferns or seashells. For a completely different look, you can cast inlays like glass or tile permanently in the surface of your concrete table.

**Note that this purchase is for a PDF how-to guide only. A link to download the PDF will be sent to your email after purchase. 

  • Complexity Level: Moderate
  • Approximate Cost to Complete: $20 – $100
  • Approximate Time to Complete: 1 – 3 Days
  • Tools and Materials Not Included

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