Bin Tower Storage – DIGITAL PRODUCT


Get tons of easy-access bin storage—and more space to hang stuff! Plastic storage bins are a popular storage technique. They stack up in the garage, basement and spare room. Invariable, when you need something, it is in the bottom storage bin, and you have to unstack and restack them repeatedly. Problem solved! These storage bin shelves give you easy access to all of your bins.
These storage bin shelves are simple to build, don’t require expensive tools, and actually add wall space without losing a lot of floor space. The storage shelves are designed to fit 16- to 18-gallon bins with a lid size of about 18 x 24 in. After you finish, you’ll have so much extra space that you’ll have to go buy a few more tools!

**Note that this purchase is for a PDF how-to guide only. A link to download the PDF will be sent to your email after purchase.

  • Complexity Level: Simple
  • Approximate Cost to Complete: $100 – $500
  • Approximate Time to Complete: 1 – 3 Days
  • Tools and Materials Not Included

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