• Discover everything you need to know about CBD—the all-natural treatment that’s sweeping the nation—and why it’s worth the hype.
  • Divided into 3 sections: CBD Basics, CBD for Your Health, A User’s Guide.
  • Understand how CBD differs from marijuana and THC, as well as how it affects your brain and body, influences genes, reduces inflammation, and much more.
  • Find out how effective CBD can be at preventing or treating 35 common health issues, including chronic pain, heart health, sleep disorders, anxiety, cancer, and weight gain.
  • Learn what type of CBD is best for you, where to find products that are legal and safe, and how much to take and when.
  • Includes special sections on CBD for pets and recipes for making your own CBD products.
  • Throughout the book, hear firsthand from people who have tried different types of CBD for a variety of health issues.
  • Indexed for fast, easy lookup.