• Hundreds of storage solutions for every room of your home and practical advice on how to deal with the challenges of modern life.
  • Helpful Keep/Toss Clues in every chapter guide you every step of the way.
  • Learn how to clean up your digital files and photos.
  • Find out what to do with family heirlooms when your children no longer want them.
  • Discover how to safely sell, trade in, or discard old electronic devices.
  • Handy tips on where to sell, recycle and donate unused things.
  • Get space-saving advice on how best to store the stuff you are keeping.
  • 17 chapters: Bathrooms and Cosmetics; Closets and Laundry Area; Bedrooms and Clothing; Kids’ Rooms; Clutter Challenges; Storage Spaces, Garage &Car; Outdoor Spaces; Keepsakes & Photographs and more!