• Thousands of ingenious ways to use 205 ordinary household products to restore, replace, repair, or revive practically everything in and around your home.
  • 12 chapters: Top 18 Super Items for Everyone, Top 10 Most Useful Items for Around the House, Top 12 Most Useful Items for the Cook, Top 15 Most Useful Items for Kids & more.
  • Conveniently organized from A-Z in an easy-to-use format.
  • Save time by solving common household problems with items in your pantry and medicine cabinet.
  • Find easy substitutions for products you would otherwise buy.
  • Ingenious ideas you can use in the kitchen, garden, outdoors and around the house.
  • Budget-friendly secrets that will save you money on quick repairs, cleaning, health & beauty treatments and more!
  • Engaging activities and science experiments that will keep your kids busy.
  • Learn how using household items is less toxic and more earth friendly.